PAR:  4

STROKE:  3 / 6

LENGTH:  398m / 382m

Last of the holes at Bosch Hoek the Ninth and Eighteenth play back toward the beautiful country styled club house. As on the Eighth & Seventeenth the canal will once again be down the left side. Besides the trouble alongside the left half you will have an extensive open space down the right with a wide fairway to place your drive.

Your approach into the green is slightly obscured by a green-side bunker on the right. The green is quite deceiving as you cannot see the true length & golfers tend to leave their second shots at least one club short.

Club Pro Tip:

One of my favourite driving holes, the Ninth & Eighteenth lend themselves to a full aggressive drive. Space is your friend on both the Ninth & Eighteenth holes, that is, as long as you set your target line up the right half of the fairway. A good drive will leave you around 150 meters in for your approach shot. Again, your approach shot is deceiving as the sloping bunker on the right gives the golfer the impression the green is closer than it actually is. Take one club extra & aim for the heart of the green, you will be pleasantly surprised at the result.